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  • Migrate MCS Provisioned Catalogs Within One Data Center


    UddaveJajoo22Rnd.png by Uddave Jajoo, Indianapolis CUGC Leader

    Remove Machines from Old Catalog

    1. Identify the pool of machines to migrate from one cluster to another.
    2. In the Studio console, navigate to the delivery group tab and select the respective delivery group, right click, and select Edit Delivery group.
    3. Export the list of desktop assignment from delivery group before removing the machines from the catalog and save it locally on the Delivery controller. (Will be utilized in next section.)
    4. In Studio console, navigate to machine catalog and right click on the catalog, select View Machines.
    5. Turn the maintenance mode on those machines from within Studio console.
    1. Remove the machines form the delivery group and leave the assigned users intact.
    1. Right click on the machines, select Delete and Select the option “Remove the machines from catalog but do not delete the virtual machines.”
    1. Click Next, then Finish.
    1. Right click on the machine catalog and select manage AD Accounts and select the machine account and click remove. In the wizard, select the option to leave them in active directory.

    vMotion Machines from one cluster to another

    1. Navigate to vCenter console, select the OldCluster and navigate to VMs tab.
    2. Select all the required virtual machines which we need to migrate. Note: All machines should be powered off, so that you can migrate easily across cluster.
    3. Right click on the selected virtual machines and select Migrate. When prompted, select Yes and proceed further.
    1. In the next window, select the Compute and Storage migration option, click Next and select the NewCluster, click Next.
    1. In the next window, select Storage based on the least utilized and click Next.
    1. In the next window, change the networks to the distributed vSwitch for the corresponding VLAN.

      Example– Source Network :- OLDVLAN need to change to Destination Network – NEWVLAN

    1. Select vMotion with higher priority and click Next.
    1. In the next window, review the selections and select Finish.

    Create New Standalone machine catalog in the Studio Console

    Note: For the machines that need to be migrated, make sure to Edit one of the VM config parameters in vSphere as below:


    XdConfig XdProvisioned=false

    1. Create New Machine catalog, Click Next.
    2. In operating System, select Single Session OS and click Next.
    1. In Machine management select the option as below: “Machines that are power Managed” and “Another Service or technology.”
    1. In the Desktop Experience select the option, “I want users to connect to the same(static) Desktop each time they log on.”
    1. In the next window, select the minimum functional level as 1811 or newer if the VDA agent is 1912 or higher.
    1. Modify the exported list to include the parameter [VirtualMachinePath] within the csv file.
    2. Add the value against [VirtualMachinePath] header as below:
      • [VirtualMachinePath],[ADComputerAccount],[AssignedUsers]
      • XDHyp:\Connections\HostingConnectionName\DataCenterName.datacenter\ClusterName.cluster\MachineName.vm,Domain\MachineName,Domain\UserName
    1. Click on Import List and point to the location of exported list saved in the Section1-Step3.
    2. Select the CSV file containing VirtualMachinePath, ADComputerAccount and AssignedUsers.
    1. The machine name will show up along with the user assigned to the machine.
    1. Click Next and in the Scopes leave default and click Next.
    2. Enter the machine catalog name and description.
    image-33.png.7631c0a51cd8c980a19cc8f23d51c83f.pngExample:-Machine Catalog Name: udjajoo_StandloneMCSCatalog
    1. Click Finish. Wait for the catalog to be created and it should contain the machine added during the catalog creation process.

    Add New machine catalog to the existing Delivery group

    1. Right click on the new machine catalog, select View machines.
    1. Execute start operation on the machine from Studio, by right click on the machine. Select Yes when prompted.
    1. Verify in vCenter console that machine got powered on and gets registered in the Studio console.
    2. Navigate to vCenter and power on the migrated machines.
    3. In the studio console, verify that machines shows up as registered.
    4. Turn off the MM Mode on the machine.
    5. Navigate to the delivery groups tab and select the respective delivery group, Right click on the DG and select “Add Machines.”
    1. The newly created catalog will show up in the wizard and click Next.
    1. In the next window, it will show the machine which is being added to the delivery group along with the AssignedUserIDs. Select Next.
    1. In the summary tab, review the selection and click Finish.

      Note: Published Name property of Desktop needs to be updated for machines/VDIs added to new Delivery group. Use below command, execute in PowerShell on Delivery Controller.


      Desktop Name – MachineName%

      $Desktops= Get-BrokerPrivateDesktop -MaxRecordCount 300 -Filter {DNSName -like “MachineName*”}

      Foreach ($Desktop in $Desktops) {Set-BrokerPrivateDesktop -MachineName $Desktop.MachineName -PublishedName “DesktopName“}



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