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  • Streamline Your Citrix Workspace Feedback with Send Feedback: A Linux User's Lifeline



    Enhance your Citrix Workspace experience on Linux with Send Feedback, a user-friendly utility designed to streamline the feedback process. Whether you're encountering performance hiccups or bugs or have suggestions, Send Feedback empowers you to share valuable insights directly with Citrix. This allows you to pave the way for improved stability, features, and overall satisfaction.


    Key Features:

    • Effortless Feedback Submission: Provide a descriptive title and elaborate on your issue or suggestion in the "Tell us more" field. No need to navigate complex menus or forums.
    • Comprehensive Logging: Capture existing and fresh logs relevant to your issue, ensuring a thorough understanding of the problem by Citrix support.
    • Visual Aids for Clarity: Attach screenshots or recordings to depict the issue visually, providing Citrix with a clear picture of your problem.
    • Convenient Bundling: Send Feedback automatically packages all collected data (logs, screenshots, recordings) into a single, compressed TAR file for easy attachment to your email.
    • Customizable Email Configuration: Specify the email address where you'd like to send your feedback, ensuring it reaches the appropriate Citrix team.


    Benefits for Users:

    • Faster Resolution: Timely and accurate feedback leads to faster resolution of issues, minimizing disruptions to your workflow.
    • Improved Stability: By highlighting common problems, you contribute to overall platform stability, benefiting all users.
    • Enhanced Features: Sharing suggestions directly impacts future development, potentially shaping the features you'll use tomorrow. 

    How can you access the Send Feedback utility?

    Admins can access this functionality today in several ways. Let’s examine the options.

    1. From the “Add Account” window. Opening the utility from the Add Account window is convenient. This ensures you can access Send Feedback directly from the interface where you add your account. The screenshot below shows the window for access.        



    2. From App Indicator. The small Citrix Workspace icon on the desktop environment’s top bar, also known as App Indicator, provides another entry point for starting the Send Feedback utility. The screenshot below showcases the App Indicator on the top right.




    3. Opening the binary directly. For those who prefer a more direct approach, opening the binary file offers a quick and straightforward method to access the utility. An example of a binary file is shown below.




    Sample Use Case:

    Imagine experiencing sluggish performance in your Citrix Workspace session. Using Send Feedback, you could:

    1. Capture logs before, during, and after the performance issue.
    2. Take screenshots to illustrate specific areas of slowdown.
    3. Describe the problem in detail, including any steps you've already tried to troubleshoot.
    4. Send the feedback package directly to Citrix support.

    By providing valuable information, you'll help Citrix identify the root cause and deliver a fix, improving your and everyone else's experience.


    Send Feedback empowers Linux users of Citrix Workspace to shape the platform's future actively. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive features make it the perfect tool for submitting valuable feedback, leading to faster fixes, improved stability, and innovative features. For more information, check out our product documentation to get started today!

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