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  • Key Takeaways from the Citrix Synergy 2018 Keynote


    nicolasignotoround.png by Nicolas Ignoto, CTP, NY Metro CUGC Leader

    List of all announcements made by Citrix during the main keynote at Citrix Synergy 2018

    Tuesday was the first day of Citrix Synergy 2018 in Anaheim, CA, and here is a summary of the announcements made by Citrix:

    • David Henshall did great for his 1st keynote as Citrix CEO and did not miss the opportunity to say thank you to the community including the Citrix Technology Professionals (CTPs)
    • People born in the technology are now the majority of the workforce
    • Having a Digital WorkSpace strategy can increase your revenue 5x and increase profitability and productivity by 20%
    • Workspace complexity management cost $800 per user per year
    • Citrix now understands that Cloud-only does not work and that on-prem workloads will remain for many years
    • Citrix strategy: unifying the portfolio, accelerate cloud transformation and expand to new areas
    • People-centric security based on identities
    • Citrix developed its Universal Workspace idea, which is a context-aware application and data delivery app supporting the secure digital perimeter (SDP)
    • Citrix WorkSpace App was announced as an unified application with single sign-on for all apps/files, built-in SaaS integration, and universal search across the workplace (very much looks like the good old Dazzle)
    • Workspace App will support both desktop and mobile applications. Also Citrix Content Collaboration (Previously Sharefile) integration.
    • Citrix WorkSpace Self-Service with ServiceNow was announced
    • Citrix Workspace Hub was demo'd with a feature called Citrix Cast, allowing the sharing of mobile screen on giant displays
    • WAGO Kontakttechnik won the Innovation Award
    • Citrix announced (one product at the time) the rebranding of its portfolio (https://www.citrix.com/about/citrix-product-guide/) We covered that fully on this blog, here is the link: http://www.citrixguru.com/2018/05/08/citrix-rebranding-2018/
    • Citrix is giving you the choice of your Cloud provider by extending its partnership with Google Cloud (AutoScale and later support for Citrix auto-build) and Microsoft Azure (support of Windows Server 2019 on Day 1 and SD-WAN in Azure). Amazon AWS and Oracle Cloud are still supported but no new announcements were made
    • Same initiative with Hyper-converged support partnerships including StorMagic
    • Embrace of Remote Desktop Modern Infrastructure (RDMI)
    • Cedexis, which was recently acquired by Citrix, is now called Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management
    • Citrix Analytics which was announced last Synergy is now officially broadly available with new Security features
    • Citrix Cloud is now a giant Cloud power with more regions, more gateway and the support of Microsoft Azure Cloud was announced as well
    • Citrix Cloud App Control was announced to secure access to SaaS, mobile, and hosted apps
    • Citrix SD-WAN for Managed Service Providers (MSP) to help delivering it globaly at scale
    • Citrix Endpoint Management is the new name for Citrix XenMobile. New capabilities are also announced like Analytics integration, Alexa for Business and Apple TvOS support
    • Some difficulties during live demos with incidents in both Citrix Workspace demos
    • Next Synergy will be in Atlanta in end of may 2019. Get ready!

    All announcements are GA or will be available to customers in 90 days or less. Impressive!

    It was a promising first keynote for David Henshall. The announcements were welcomed by most of the attendees. We are looking forward for the next days at Citrix Synergy 2018.

    Note: The main keynote is available on demand here: https://live.citrixsynergy.com/2018/presentations.php

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