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  • It's Been a Great Year - Looking Forward to Even Better in 2017!


    tobiaskreidlrnd-1.png by Tobias Kreidl, CTP, CUGC Steering Committee

    2016 has been a big year for CUGC in many ways. We’ve seen exciting growth in not only membership and involvement, but also in our ever-growing range of content from webinars and local meetings to blog posts and the forums. Delivering relevant content to the CUGC community is a serious task, and one I’m proud to have been a part of. As the leader of the CUGC Content Working Group, I wanted to take a minute to share what all we’ve accomplished this year.

    For starters, many of you may not even know that the Content Working Group exists. In addition to myself, the group is currently made up of the following community members:

    • Esther Barthel, CTP & CUGC forum moderator
    • Mike Nelson, CTP
    • Jason Tedrick, CUGC forum moderator
    • Bas van Kaam, CTP & CUGC forum moderator
    • Kees Baggerman, CTP

    We are also happy to have on our team Whitney Kimmel and Stephanie Roper for support from inside Citrix, and Brad Hornback, Stephanie Boozer and Joshua Estep from CUGC HQ.

    Created at the beginning of 2016, this small group of CUGC members meets monthly with members of CUGC HQ to discuss a range of CUGC content-related topics, from improving the user experience in the forums and blogs to encouraging and identifying new sources of member-created articles and presentations. I’m happy to report the following that we’ve accomplished so far this year:

    • Creation of the Content Working Group itself
    • Organization of the forum categories for more targeted discussions (previously all discussions fell under “CUGC Hub”)
    • Establishment of forum moderators to facilitate and monitor discussions, to help ensure all posts get answered
    • Increased User Share webinars from CUGC members and leaders
    • Increased member blogging and forum posting
    • Development of strategic content guidelines for sponsors and members alike, to preserve CUGC as a marketing-free zone in our webinars, blogs, forums and local meeting presentations
    • Creation of the Networking and Healthcare SIGs
    • Creation of the CUGC Women in Tech, a more focused content working group and mentoring program

    This is just the beginning. We’re looking forward to even more in 2017. We already have an exciting number of User Share webinars lined up in the first half of the year, as well as big plans for more activity and involvement in our SIGs and blogs.

    The CUGC Content Working Group is here for YOU. We are a small representative of this community, and we welcome your feedback and ideas. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with suggestions for what you would like to see at CUGC.

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