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  • How to use Nutanix Move to Move VMware Machines to Nutanix Prism Element


    raydavis22rnd-1.jpg by Ray Davis, CTA

    As many of you know from my recent blogs, I am using Nutanix AOS/AHV for my Citrix environment. Before, I used VMware 100% for all workloads, including XenApp (Virtual Apps) and VDI (Virtual desktops). However, I needed to move the delivery controllers, Storefront, and all the Citrix Infrastructure pieces that make Citrix work to the Nutanix Cluster. At the time, I wasn't sure how to go about this. Good thing for me, Nutanix already accounted for this and has a product called Nutanix Move. Nutanix Move allows you to convert our VMware machines to a Nutanix qcow2 format. This piece of software is impressive, and it works exceptionally well. I wanted to take you through a quick run migration. The steps below will outline how to migrate a VM off VMware to Nutanix.


    Create the image and select the environment parameters you need. Name, Storage, and then chose the Move.qcow2 appliance.


    It is now uploading the image.


    After it's uploaded, you can now create a VM and select the following. Notice how the image shows the "NTXMOVE" image. It will now deploy this as a VM. Select your network and the other things you would do when deploying a VM in Prism Element.


    As you can see, the VM is created.


    Power on the VM and open the console to configure the networking. It will ask you to provide IP address and domain information here.




    Logging in with the default username and password.

    Changing the password and updating the Static IP information. NTX Move will walk you through this.


    Firewall Rules are needed for Nutanix Move to talk to VMware. You will need to open this up between the Hypervisor clusters.


    Now log into the appliance through the IP. https://IPAddress.

    Add your vCenter information, so Move can connect to it and inventory the VMs.


    Added a Prism Element environment as well so it can have a destination to migrate to.


    Once you set up both Hypervisor clusters, now create a migration plan. Click new Migration Plan blue button:


    Give each plan a name.


    Give each resource it specified information.

    The source is the VM that is in vCenter. The destination is where I am moving it, which is within the Nutanix Cluster.


    Search for the VM, and click the blue Add button, and next.


    Select the network. Different names but same VLANS in this example.


    VM prep, input the password of the Admin account for the Window Server that will be migrated over.


    Now, at this time, it will do a check and make sure it has the correct permissions.


    To get to the details on what it's doing, click In progress (its highlighted in blue).


    To see the details, hold your mouse button on the little "i."


    Nutanix moves API snapshots to the VM with the creds you gave from the beginning when adding the resource information.


    Now you wait until it's completed. In my lab environment, it was about 30 minutes per server.


    Now, it's replicating it over.


    Check the Box and select cutover.


    Move, Powers it off in VMware, and then Powers it on in Prism Element.


    Creates more snapshots.


     Nutanix Move operations.


    As you can see, the VM is now converted.


    The VM is up and running on AOS-Nutanix.


    Now I will keep the old one in VMware for a while to make sure things are good on the new converted VM. This will allow me to turn it back on if I encounter issues.


    As you can see, this is a straightforward process, and it will make your life easy. I was thrilled with the results. I hope you find this helpful when you need to do this. The concludes my Nutanix Move operations. 

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