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  • HDX Screen Sharing


    SerdarGoksu23Rnd.png.80e11f24b26b27336042721051967a7a.png by Serdar Göksu, Senior Solutions Architect

    The screen sharing feature allows a VDA user to share screen content and screen controls with other users.

    System Requirements:

    • Single or Multi Session VDA
    • Only desktop sessions can be shared
    • Studio Policy for Screen Sharing and Graphics Status Indicator
    • Screen Sharing feature during VDA installation
    • By default, the screen sharing feature works over TCP ports 52525-52625. These ports must be added to the firewall exception list

    LAB Environment:

    • 2 X Windows 10 VDI (MCS)
    • 2 X Test Users (citrix01, citrix02)
    • CVAD Site and VDA Versions: CVDA 2209
    • Citrix Workspace 2209

    Let’s start!

    The configuration steps are listed as follows:

    During the installation of the VDA role, we need to check the "Screen Sharing" feature.


    We have completed the VDA installation. Now, we create 2 VDIs using the Master Image machine via Citrix Studio.

    After completing the VDI creation processes, Click Policies menu on Citrix Studio and Create a new policy. (Citrix Studio -> Policies -> Create New Policy)

    We type "Session Sharing" in the search bar and enabled this policy.


    Then again, we type "Graphics Status" in the search bar and enabled the policy.

    image-82.png.f75a409c4b290ce7ae727a13340a5227.pngHDX Screen Sharing

    This setting configures the graphics status indicator to run in the user session. This tool lets the user see information about the active graphics mode.

    You can assign this policy to user group, Delivery Groups etc. In this example, I will assign the VDI Delivery group.


    We give the policy a name and activate it.


    Let's connect to the VDI machine and test it with our test users.

    When we connect to the VDI machine, we will see the "Graphics Status" icon. Right-click on it to display the menu and select Screen share > Share my screen.


    Click Copy to clipboard or manually select and copy the entire string shown in the dialog box. A red outline appears around the screen as an indicator that the session is now being shared and is visible by others.


    Right-click on the "Graphics Status" icon in the other user's VDA session and select Screen share > View someone else’s screen.


    Enter or paste the connection string that was provided by the user sharing the session into the text box. Click Connect to establish the connection.


    On the HDX Screen Sharing Viewer screen, you can make keyboard and mouse requests.


    That's it! I hope it was useful for you.


    See more posts by Serdar Göksu here.


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