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  • CUGC WIT 2021 Applications are Open!


    estherbarthelrnd.png by Esther Barthel, CTP and CUGC WIT Lead Mentor


    We’re so excited to announce that applications are now open for the 2021 CUGC Women In Tech mentoring program! This will be the program’s 5th year, and we are so thrilled at the growth we’ve seen. (For more on the program's history and how it started, check out this blog post from co-founder and CTP Jo Harder.)

    Ready to Apply?

    The WIT mentoring program is now open for new submissions starting September 3, 2020. Candidates have the opportunity to express their interest in being mentored. As part of the submission, we ask you to define some goals that you want to address during the mentor/mentee sessions. 


    Keep in mind that the mentorship program does require several hours a month, plus a focus on achieving goals. We ask that candidates consider the time commitment carefully before applying because your time, as well as that of the mentor, is a precious commodity. As such, we ask that you not apply if you cannot make that time commitment.    


    After the submission deadline on September 30, the program will review all applications and try to match mentors and mentees based on the information provided by the candidate. We strive to match each candidate to a mentor, but do realize that we might not be able to accept all candidates due to the limited resources the program has. All candidates will be notified before October 31st whether or not they are accepted into the Class of 2021 of the mentoring program.


    Mentoring Benefits

    During discussions, whether via email, telephone or zoom, the conversation focuses on helping the mentee achieve the pre-defined goals. For example, a mentee may wish to become a more valued team member at work, or the mentor and mentee may focus discussions on certifications, documentation, and confidence-building tasks that can help the mentee improve in this area. But you don't have to take it from us, here's the feedback we received from our Class of 2020 mentees:


    “It is so great to have another strong woman to share my experience with. Jenny was amazing and helped me so much! I feel more confident in my presentation skills. It was very refreshing to be able to talk to her and brainstorm about Citrix! #Friendforlife!” – 2020 mentee Jaclyn Sanchez

    “My mentor and I from day one kept our conversations free flowing and organic, which allowed us to explore a lot of topics surrounding our experiences with burnout, challenges and joys of working in tech. She is an excellent sounding board and often gives me a perspective very different than my own. I thank the CUCG WIT mentorship program for the opportunity and I am proud to say even though our cohort has completed for the year, my mentor and I still meet every other week. It’s proven to be an invaluable experience.” – 2020 mentee Eboni Thamavong

    “Jeannine has been a fantastic touchpoint, enabling me to remain connected to the people and technology I love. Having a partner that I can rely on for honest feedback and input hasvbeen a true win for me this year.” – 2020 mentee Darcie Tuuri


    Because women comprise such a small percentage of IT professionals, it can be a lonely world for women. The mentors and mentees form friendships that typically last beyond the program time.


    Looking forward to the next class!

    Mentorship is a magnificent way to welcome more women into the CUGC community. Please consider applying for WIT mentorship! Just email stephanie.boozer@myCUGC.org to find out more.



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