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  • CUGC Members Presenting at Citrix Synergy 2018!


    tobiaskreidlrnd.png by Tobias Kreidl, CTP, Steering Committee

    Now that the Citrix Synergy 2018 session catalog is out, I wanted to call special attention to those CUGC members who are presenting and leading discussions. It’s always so great to see members from our community speaking at events, especially at Synergy! The Fireside Chats and Meet the Speakers sessions haven’t been posted online yet, but here’s who we know will be speaking in the Breakout Sessions and leading discussions at the Lunch Table Tech Chats:

    Breakout Sessions

    SYN103: Microsoft isn't enough without Citrix

    Grady Slane

    Ingmar Verheij

    SYN105: Deploying Citrix Workloads on different clouds: CTP best practices for a successful deployment

    Christiaan Brinkhoff, CUGC Networking SIG Leader, CTP

    George Kuruvilla, CTA

    SYN106: Delivering high availability in a hybrid cloud architecture for XenApp and XenDesktop

    Troy Couch

    SYN129: New approaches to business continuity

    Daniel Feller

    George Kuruvilla, CTA

    SYN130: Demystifying Linux VDI: how to deliver Linux virtual desktops on demand

    Todd Starling

    Xiaolu Chu

    SYN132: Citrix Provisioning Services real-world usage and benefits

    Dan Harms

    Travis Terry

    SYN150: A software-defined approach to managing and securing the endpoint

    Douglas Brown

    Christian Drieling

    SYN207: XenApp and XenDesktip Tech Update (May 2018 Edition)

    Daniel Feller

    SYN209: Citrix in the Cloud: Real-world experiences creating and deploying cloud-hosted Citrix environments.

    Shane O’Neill, CTA

    Paul Stansel, Connecticut & Rhode Island CUGC Leader, CTP

    SYN211: The naked truth: CTPs investigate Citrix Cloud performance

    Benny Tritsch, CTP

    Thomas Krampe, CTP

    SYN212: Security for Citrix products in the cloud

    Chris Rogers, Washington DC Metro CUGC Leader, CTP

    Joe Shonk, CTP

    SYN219: Better authentication made easy: MFA and reCAPTCHA!

    Thorsten Rood, CTP

    SYN220: NetScaler MAS practical guide: NetScaler ADC automation and management with Stylebooks and Configuration Jobs

    Carsten Bruns, CUGC Networking SIG Leader, CTP

    Esther Barthel, CUGC Content Working Group, CUGC Women in Tech Mentor, CTP

    SYN221: Adventures in configuration: overcoming NetScaler HA limitations in Azure

    Chris Rogers, Washington DC Metro CUGC Leader, CTP

    Kyle Landreth, CUGC Member

    SYN226: Demystifying NetScaler SD-WAN for infrastructure architects

    Barney Norton

    Rick Dehlinger

    SYN229: nFactor and LoginSchemas: the future of NetScaler customization

    Sam Jacobs, CUGC Webinar Moderator, CTP

    SYN233: The geek's guide to the workspace

    Daniel Feller

    Frank Srp

    Stan Nitkowski

    SYN235: XenDesktop performance at Cerner

    Joe Nord

    Jason Helms, Kansas City Metro CUGC Leader

    SYN236: Best practices in multisite scenarios

    Shane Kleinert, South Florida CUGC Leader, CTP

    Jarian Gibson, Kansas City Metro CUGC Leader, CTP

    SYN237: Citrix and Nutanix: the 2018 inside scoop

    Jarian Gibson, Kansas City Metro CUGC Leader, CTP

    Kees Baggerman, Dutch CUGC Leader, CTP

    **Just Added!

    SYN241: How to break the cyber kill chain of ransomware 

    Florin Lazurca

    Martin Zugec

    NEW: Fireside Chats:

    More intimate, smaller campfire-style conversations that encourage interactive Q&A with attendees, every afternoon in Synergy Park.

    SYN410: Move any app to any cloud or hypervisor with Citrix App Layering

    Ron Oglesby

    Rory Monaghan

    SYN413: Pursuing cloud with confidence-NYU Lanone Medical Center

    Dominick Picarello

    Chris Balzaretti

    SYN414: Ensuring security and compliance with Indiana University

    Stephanie Cox

    Tom Wilson

    SYN418: Pursuing cloud with confidence-Health Choice Network

    Victor Rodriguez

    Jesse Brenneman

    SYN420: Enhancing experience and productivity with Salt River Project and Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

    David Gautney, Phoenix Metro CUGC Leader, CTA

    Jan Hendrick Meier

    SYN421: Pursuing cloud with confidence with Axon

    Steve Greenberg, CTP Fellow

    Mark Nadozzi

    NEW: Meet the Experts Theaters:

    TED-talk style presentations every afternoon in Synergy Park!

    SYN701: Bridging the mobil gap

    Ryan Tsamouris

    SYN708: Scalability planning & design

    Andy Paul

    SYN715: The XenMobile toolbox for implementation and support

    Arnaud Pain, Tampa CUGC Leader

    Samuel Legrand, France CUGC Leader, CTP

    SYN716: Enterprise mobility is more than just mobile devices

    Ashish Kakkad

    SYN717: Active-active datacenters with App Layering and App-V

    Craig Harmel, Madison CUGC Leader

    Steve Noel


    Lunch Table Tech Chats:

    (Don't miss a chance for more informal discussions with these CUGC members as you grab lunch!)

    Jon Bucud, San Diego CUGC Leader 

    Steve Elgan, Omaha CUGC Leader, CUGC Local Support Working Group, CTA

    DJ Eshelman, Nashville CUGC Leader, CTA

    Trentent Tye, CTA

    Giuliana Crespo, CUGC Women in Tech Mentee


    More events will be announced soon (Fireside Chats, Meet the Experts and Match.Geek), so be sure to check the catalog beforehand for possible changes in scheduling, as well as possible additions (even in the Breakout Sessions!). It’s always a good idea to map out your day ahead of time so you know where to go. I also recommend spending some time, before the conference starts, walking around and becoming familiar with the locations of the various meeting rooms, labs, etc.

    If you still haven't purchased your pass - do it now with the CUGC members-only discount! Details about the discount, as well as plans for CUGC activities at Synergy, can all be found on our CUGC@Synergy page. 

    Looking forward to seeing everyone in Anaheim at Synergy 2018!

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