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  • Citrix Synergy 2017 – Thoughts of a (Newbie) CTP!


    samlegrandround.png by Samuel Legrand, CTP, France CUGC Leader

    As European, it has been a while since I attended my last Synergy! Indeed, it’s a bit difficult to come to both Summit and Synergy, as there are no other events in Europe. So, 2012 was the last one for me and it was AWESOME! So I’m really looking forward to this new edition that will take place in the coming weeks.

    Synergy is the major event of Citrix technologies, as the partners and customers come to share and learn. As usual, the important thing of this kind of event is the networking part: Meet the Experts, Hot Topics Round Tables, Welcome Reception, Final Night Party… everything is done to let people talk to each other! It’s always interesting to see how others are working and to compare your own methods with those they are using.

    For me, this is the main reason why I’d suggest someone go the Orlando next month.

    Another highlight is the training: Learning Labs, Workshops and the Certification Center with its free Citrix exam! It is a real advantage to have available experts giving advice if you have any questions.

    Another great additional thing is the Solutions Expo. All the sponsors will show you all you can do with their products. The good thing here is that, generally, you have the possibility to talk about technical things as the presenters are technical experts.

    As a new CTP, there are other reasons and especially these two:

    • First time meeting with my CTP peeps

    Synergy is the first “official” event since my nomination as a CTP. Even if I know most of the family, I can’t wait to meet the ones I didn’t know yet! It seems that there are some traditions when you come for your first Synergy as a CTP, I’ll see!

    • The CTP meeting

    Citrix organizes a CTP meeting before Synergy where, as a CTP, we meet lots of Product Managers, Architects, and Kirill, the Citrix CEO. The meeting aims to share the roadmap and strategy with us. It’s also a good way for Citrix to have a return from the field.

    The second is one of the best opportunities for me to share what I will see with my different customers with the Product Managers and the Architects. Even if I already had the opportunity to talk virtually (through Slack, S4B, goto*,…) with those people, direct and live talks are always better!

    So yes! I’m looking forward for an awesome event with all the CTPs, the community and the Citrites. See you all in Orlando!

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