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  • Citrix NetScaler, Federated Authentication and Google - StoreFront Config


    dave-brett.png by David Brett, CTP

    The first thing you will need to do is set the StoreFront to accept incoming connections from your new NetScaler URLs.

    Click on Manage NetScaler Gateways and add a new gateway for both external URLs citrix.googlesummit.com and login.googlesummit.com


    Make sure you add a callback URL for both of the gateways


    Then enable remote access to your store from your new NetScaler Gateways but leave the default gateway option as the citrix.chromesummit.com gateway


    Make sure that you have BOTH gateway URLs defined as external beacons for the StoreFront Server Group


    Next you will have to enable Smart Card authentication to your store.  Click on Manage Authentication Methods and enable Smart Card


    Next under the options for Pass Through from NetScaler Gateway select Configure Delegated Authentication


    Select to Fully Delegate Credential Validation to NetScaler Gateway


    Finally you need to enable Smart Card authentication on your Receiver for Web site. Configure your site you are using for Unified Gateway and select to allow Smart Card Authentication


    That's StoreFront configured.

    At this stage, it will all work as expected - so go ahead and test it.

    HOWEVER - If like me you are a bit of a perfectionist then there are some additional configurations you should make to ensure the user has a great experience and that your deployment is secure.  I will cover those in the final post in this series.


    Dave Brett (@dbretty)

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