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  • Citrix is a burrito bowl


    chris-rogers.png by Chris Rogers, CTP, DC Metro CUGC Leader

    Those who know me know that I will often speak in metaphor and 

    . Just something from my high school English days. Take a hard concept and wrap something familiar around it and you will better convey a thought to your audience. Shout out to Albert Ritchick, one of the best teachers I ever had. So I’m sitting at my favorite burrito place a few nights ago...  I’m a consultant and I travel a fair bit. I’m often left alone with my thoughts over meals, and for me, that can be dangerous. It’s where thoughts like the title of this blog come from. So take my hand, gentle reader, and follow me into the deep recesses of my mind.

    If you like burritos, then you are probably familiar with the proper way to construct one. It should be done horizontally, and not vertically. There is an extraordinarily funny, but somewhat NSFW rant out there on this very subject. I invite you to Google for it. Important point being, you want to get a bite of everything at once, and not just a single mouthful of guacamole, or the next mouthful of rice. Oh, there’s the chicken by itself all the way the the bottom! Ugh. Beyond the burrito though, you have the burrito bowl. Now we’re talking. The difference in the two comes down to choice for me. I get to choose how I eat my burrito bowl. A wrapped burrito is something of a mystery. You never know what a given bite will hold. That’s appealing to some, but less so to me. I like order in my life. I like my bite of grilled chicken with sour cream AND guacamole on it. The bowl lets me do that. So it is with Citrix.

    I’ve been a CTP for eight years. I am far better for the experience and for knowing my peers. I’m constantly reminded that I’m NOT the smartest person in the room, and that’s cool. Through all that journey though, I’ve been pretty exclusive to Citrix. While I may need to work with VMWare on more than a few occasions, I’m only Citrix certified, and I’m only a CTP. Nothing else. That’s how I prefer it. Why? I could get into how I feel about VMWare as a company (in a word, arrogant), but I’ll employ my analogy. Citrix is the burrito bowl. VMWare is the wrapped burrito.  

    Citrix is all about choice. As a company, they have close to 30 years working on user experience. It’s core to their mission. I would argue that they spend more time on that mission than any other company in the industry. So many people that I could name (Juan, David, Christian, et. al.) inside of Citrix take that mission very seriously. They really want to give the best possible experience to a user who is just trying to get their Word document to print where they want it to. Seriously, who prints anymore? Yeah, I know, almost everyone… *sigh*  Citrix really does put a great deal of effort into delivering that app, making it responsive and giving the user the flexibility of how they consume that app. Moreover, Citrix also gives a great deal of choice to the admins of the system on how those apps are delivered and maintained. VDI? PVS? RemotePC? No worries. You’re covered. All of those different types of app and desktop delivery are controlled via the same mechanism. No messy integrations to do. Install and go. Yeah, apps can be a pain, but there’s AppDNA for that. There’s Unidesk and Norskale now as well. There’s PVS and XenServer. More toppings for the bowl. Mix it all together for awesome. Enjoy a bite at a time for exactly the experience you want. Totally up to you. VMWare gives you a solution with similar ingredients, but mixes it all together in the way that they think is “good enoug.” You know what that gets you? A mouthful of sour cream and hot sauce. Nasty.  

    So go forth and enjoy your burrito (bowl) as you like it. Say yes to choice. Citrix can help with that.

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