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    prestongalwasrnd.png.66a504e99c758ce9a5050854f4044a4e.png by Preston Galwas, CTA

    In 2019, Citrix held the first-of-its-kind conference in Santa Clara for developers, which I wrote about last year here on CUGC. I was thrilled to participate and was looking forward to seeing when such an event would return. Clearly, 2020 has had different plans in store for all of us. At the risk of sounding cliché… as we adapt to our ‘new normal,’ some things have changed in terms of format, but Citrix Converge is returning in an online format and is free!



    Multiple Tracks

    This year Citrix has multiple tracks which will be of interest to a wide audience.


    Apps and Desktop Virtualization

    This track focuses on automating administration via REST APIs and PowerShell, whether it is on-premises or public cloud. The content includes Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops as well as related technology.


    App Delivery and Security

    The App Delivery and Security track focuses on Citrix Networking technologies, such as Citrix ADC and Citrix ADM. This track focuses on automating configurations using NITRO APIs, as well as deep dives into scenarios involving cloud-native or multi cloud deployments.


    App Creation and Collaboration

    This track includes all you want to know around app building, such as creating Microapps for Citrix Workspace and integrating with other collaboration tools. The focus here will be improving the user experience by streamlining interactions with different systems.


    What If I’m Not a Developer?

    If you open PowerShell to run a query, perform some monitoring, or have ever used a script to do some configuration, you’ll want to attend. The term 'Developer' might sound daunting, but if you use a script to help automate a portion of your job, you’re sure to get something out of this year’s Citrix Converge. Additionally, at last year’s Converge, a number of non-technical sales people attended and told me that they thoroughly enjoyed the speakers and participating in the hackathon as the content was quite digestible.


    The content has been designed to make for a great online experience with pre-recorded sessions debuting as a watch party where you can participate with during the presentation. As a bonus, each session will be available on-demand afterwards.



    Last year’s hackathon was a smashing success with many innovative and creative solutions which were developed in a short period of time. The hackathon will return to Citrix converge, and will run for the two-week duration. There are some great prizes lined up, so you have a chance to be rewarded for your creativity and innovation.



    Registration is now open, and is free to all. Don’t miss out on this great content and chance to interact with your peers and the awesome presenters at this year’s Citrix Converge. Click here to register!


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