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  • Citrix Cloud – The Easy Way to Migrate into the Cloud – Part 1


    garethcarsonrnd.png by Gareth Carson, CTP

    Citrix Cloud - Introduction

    So, you have heard by now the term 'Cloud.' If you have not, your head must be up in one.

    So, Citrix Cloud, what is it all about? There are plenty of articles and videos explaining this:


    or, check out https://www.citrix.com/products/citrix-cloud/ for more information.

    I will list some, not all advantages of Citrix Cloud and then get right into a superb offering (Xenapp and XenDesktop Service) by those women and men at Citrix and show the simplicity of migrating your on-premises solution to the Cloud.

    • Reduced costs and footprint
    • No SQL server or licensing cost
    • Costs of running servers reduced
    • Power costs reduced
    • More Floor space
    • More Storage space
    • IT Operations simplified
    • Less network and storage infrastructure required
    • Less IT procurement
    • Always-on latest technology
    • Automatic upgrades
    • Select advantages (CSS)
    • Easily grow consumption
    • Easily decrease consumption
    • Most up to date technology
    • Familiar administration
    • Smart Checks
    • Enhanced features

    Now, that you have considered the advantages and watched the videos and read the links above, I will show you the simplicity of transitioning your local site into the Citrix Workspace Cloud – Xenapp and Xendesktop Service.

    This is the first of many articles I will write on the Citrix Cloud.

    Part 1–The easy way to migrate in to the Cloud–Go Hybrid!

    Once you have your cloud subscription details and gone through the Citrix on boarding process....

    Signing Up For Citrix Cloud

    …and you have logged in, you should create a Resource Location.

    All you need to know about Resource Locations


    Now download software called a Connector. It does what it says on the tin. Connects your environment (Resource Location) to the Citrix Cloud.


    You should connect to the Citrix Cloud (citrix.cloud.com) on a 2012R2 machine minimum that you have designated for this role. The machine should have TCP 443 outbound access and internet connectivity. This server is also known as an Edge Server or Broker Proxy.

    Within your Resource Location, navigate to download your Connector software.


    Save the file and run.


    Once the install procedure begins, you will be asked to sign in to your Citrix Cloud subscription using your credentials.


    Enter the subscription details you used in the on-boarding process.


    The connector will continue with the install.

    From here, you can choose the Cloud subscription that you have previously set up. If you have multiple customers associated with your subscription they will show up here.


    The connector will continue with the install.


    Connectivity tests will run.


    All being well, your connectivity tests should prove successful.


    Do a refresh and you should now see your site in your resource location within Citrix Cloud.


    You can now check within Identity and Access Management if your domain is present.


    I can now see my domain as a resource within the Citrix Cloud.


    If you head back to your resource location (click the hamburger tab in left corner next to the words “Citrix Cloud” and choose Resource Locations), Citrix kindly reminds you of some best practice.


    You should proceed with the second connector install on a second machine designated for the role! Remember your N+1.

    Once you have done this, your environment is connected to the Citrix Cloud.

    What does this mean?

    Well, now you have SQL, Delivery Controllers, Studio, Director, Licensing, Provisioning capability moved off your site to the Citrix Cloud with minimal effort. You also get a superb suite of tools to effectively manage, maintain, control and monitor your workloads.

    Yes, there is an immediate reduced footprint in your resource location and you have familiar Citrix central cloud management. 

    Your AD environment is now accessible so the fun stuff of managing, maintaining and provisioning workloads can begin!

    Remember there is no concurrent licensing with Citrix Cloud but for every concurrent license you will gain two user licences.

    From here, you just repeat to add more resource locations and use the same familiar centralised Citrix Workspace management pane.


    Carpe Diem!

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