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  • Citrix Cloud – Connecting Your Local Site as a Data Source for Analytics


    ronnie-hamilton.png by Ronnie Hamilton, CTA, Ireland CUGC Leader

    In this, my first blog on the CUGC site, I would like to run through how we connect to your local Citrix site and allow Citrix cloud analytics service to collect all the data touch points which enable the service to make some intelligent decisions around Security & Operations. In the coming updates, we will also see the introduction into performance details and user scores. 

    I recently authored a quick post on ronnie.ie which details how to connect a site to Citrix Cloud. This is the first requirement before you are able to connect the site as a data source, which will be accessible from Citrix cloud.

    The next step is to connect the site as a data source to the Citrix Analytics service in Citrix cloud. When complete, we will be able to feed the analytics engine with all the data points, that can be analysed to get some actionable outcomes in Citrix cloud.

    • Make sure you log into your Citrix Cloud account
    • Select - Manage from the Analytics tile
    • Select - Settings
    • Select - Data Sources
    • Select - Turn On Data Processing from the Virtual Apps & Desktops tile
    • Select - Turn On Data Processing
    • Select - Configuration incomplete
    • There are a number of sites connected here, the one we are configuring is Dublin
    • Select - Dublin
    • Select - Install and Configure Agent
    • Make sure you don't have any popup blockers enabled
    • Select - Download Agent
    • When you have downloaded the agent copy it to the delivery controller you with to feed to data from.
    • When you have copied the agent to the Delivery Controller
    • Select - Right click and run as Administrator
    • Select - Test to continue
    • Select - I accept the terms of the License Agreement
    • Select - Install
    • Select - Finish
    • Select - Install and Configure Agent
    • Enter - Username and password with access to the Delivery Controller
    • Select - Next
    • Enter - URL of Director 
    • Select - Next
    • Select - Done

    You can now see you are ready to start collecting data from your local delivery controllers to the Analytics service in the cloud. There are some other things that are required to make sense of this data like configuring and defining policies for things like unusual logon access, or extensive file downloads so that a risk score can be placed on each policy. This can all then be correlated and appropriate actions can be taken regarding this user ability to access resources, by either limiting what can be accessed or complete lock out of all systems if the score is high enough to mean a potential breach.

    Keep an eye out over on ronnie.ie for upcoming blog posts on the topic as I delve deeper into Analytics Service and the upcoming Performance.  

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