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  • Bay Area CUGC Event Recap - Q3 2021


    donaldwongrnd-1.png.81262d8b9591568a6b8476bf6611c4a3.png by Donald Wong, CTP & Bay Area CUGC Leader

    This year has gone by so quickly. We are nearly three quarters of the way through 2021. Can you believe it? As we reflect on the year so far, our Bay Area events are still virtual.  Our leadership committee hopes that in the upcoming year we can all safely return to in-person events so we can see and meet each other again. In the meantime, here's a quick recap of our Q3 2021 event. We kicked it off with a quick introduction from the leaders group as well as an overview of the agenda ahead. We were super excited to have Citrix's latest acquisition, Wrike, along with our sponsor ControlUp join us to give our community an update at their solutions offering.




    Trentent Tye from ControlUp started with a brief overview of ControlUp. Many are familiar with the solution through the End User Community. Here's a list of some of the capabilities ControlUp can provide.


    Trentent highlighted and showcased two key features through a demo. One is the new SOLVE engine, new web based dashboard and GUI - which presents the same data and drill-down capabilities as the Real Time console in a more graphic interface. Here's a quick glimpse at the interface comparison between the two.


    The second key feature is Remote DX - home/remote user wifi connection metrics (https://www.controlup.com/products/remote-dx/) clearly pinpoints if a performance issue is caused by internet or wifi connection rather than an internal delivery issue. Can even be used within a large office where users are moving from area to area and switching from one WAP to another (i.e. dropped session due to a WAP issue).


    The ControlUp slide deck can be downloaded and access through this Link: 2021-09-01 - CUGC.pdf

    Next Up, Seth Cathey from Wrike (Citrix – seth.cathey@citrix.com) provided a thorough walkthrough of the aforementioned acquisition from Citrix. The immersive collaboration solution has API integrations to a diverse list of existing solution that helps you stay in one place to get your work done. As an example, there's already migration templates to incorporate Citrix solutions. A Citrix Cloud migration template is shown below. 



    The complete slide deck, which has a lot information, can be downloaded here: Wrike_CUGC_Bay Area copy.pdf


    To close out the presentations, the Citrix local SE team of Joshua Espinoza and Max Uhlig provided a top 10 update of latest changes through Citrix. I could be biased, but I found the announcement of "PVS in Azure - Tech Preview" as something significant. This hopefully will provide companies with more incentives to go to Citrix Cloud as MCS is currently the only provisioning solution. Here are a few selective screenshots and the full slide deck can be found here: Bay Area CUGC Q3 2021.pptx


    Quick plug for Citrix Converge 2021: https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2021/08/17/citrix-converge-2021-delivering-workspace-anytime-anyplace-anywhere/

    Not just for microapps, not just for developers, for *everyone* working hands-on with Citrix technologies. 

    Our 2021 Q3 Bay Area virtual event was as informative as ever. The larger CUGC West XL event is already in the works, slated for later this fall and more information on agenda and registration will be forthcoming. Stay tuned. We always welcome suggestions for content to our future Bay CUGC events. Please drop us your input and feedback.


    Donald Wong - Bay Area CUGC Co-Leader

    Twitter: @Dywwong 

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/the-dwong/

    Citrix Technology Professional (CTP)

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