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  • NetScaler native support for Cisco Duo Universal Prompt

    Angela Tripp
    • Validation Status: Validated
      Summary: Add two-factor authentication and flexible security policies to NetScaler SAML 2.0 logins with Cisco Duo Universal Prompt for single sign-on.
      Has Video?: No

    NetScaler native support for the Cisco Duo Universal Prompt will be coming in late summer 2024.

    The requirements for using NetScaler with Duo Universal Prompt are:

    • NetScaler Advanced or Premium Edition licenses
    • NetScaler version 14.1 
      • A future update of 14.1 that will include native support for the Duo Universal Prompt will be made available 
      • If you are using NetScaler hardware, you can check now to see if it is compatible: NetScaler MPX / NetScaler SDX 
      • Any paid Duo edition

    In the interim, we want to reassure you that the current NetScaler/Duo integration that displays the Duo Traditional Prompt using RADIUS iFrame will continue to be supported until December 31, 2024. This will give you time to update your NetScaler ADCs so that you can begin using the Duo Universal Prompt when the new integration becomes available. After December 31, 2024, this legacy integration will be considered end of support, with a future end-of-life date to be announced.

    If you are using Citrix Federated Authentication Service (FAS) and NetScaler, you can use the new Duo SSO integration for NetScaler today and get the expanded feature set and stronger security that the Duo Universal Prompt provides.


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