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  • The NetScaler Podcast - Episode 2 ft. Al Taylor, CTO and Co-Founder, CloudDNA

    Brian Huhn 2
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      Summary: Explore and learn about the present and future of application delivery and security, and how to solve the business challenges facing IT teams and end users.
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    In today’s world of increasing importance and complexity of app delivery, cloud transformation and cybersecurity, many companies feel they need to purchase a tool or service for all IT requirements. But, this “best of breed” approach comes with more complications than one may consider.


    In this episode, Brian Huhn and Jason Poole chat with guest Al Taylor to take a closer look at the pros and cons of consolidating app delivery and security tools.


    In particular, they will examine:

    - User experience and cost impact

    - Operational inconsistency and the effects management complexity

    - Risks of a fragmented security posture

    - Insights from the market

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