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  • Tech Paper: Reference Designs for NetScaler Gateway On-Premises

    Steven Wright
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      Summary: Tech Paper: Reference Designs for NetScaler Gateway On-Premises
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    NetScaler Gateway is a powerful tool that provides secure remote access to applications and data. However, the process of setting up and deploying NetScaler Gateway can be complex and time-consuming. To help simplify this process, we are excited to share reference designs covering two of the three most common deployment scenarios. 

    The designs provide a complete high-level and low-level reference for setting up a standard NetScaler Gateway implementation with LDAP+RADIUS or SAML authentication. You can use these designs as a template for your own deployments, to validate your existing configurations, or simply benefit from having access to every CLI command required in a copy/paste format found at the end of each design document.

    The first reference design covers the setup of NetScaler Gateway with LDAP+RADIUS authentication. It includes every NetScaler object and the CLI command required to deploy a production environment in under 30 minutes. This design is perfect for those who need to secure their applications and data using multi-factor authentication.

    Our second reference design covers the setup of NetScaler Gateway with SAML authentication using an existing identity provider. We used OKTA when writing the design but, the configuration should be compatible with any SAML IdP. As with our first reference design, every CLI command required is provided in a copy/paste format, ensuring an accurate, production-quality environment can be quickly deployed.

    These reference designs includes many best practices shared by Professional Services and Engineering. Whether you're a seasoned NetScaler professional or just getting started, we hope you'll find them packed with valuable insights and tips that can help you optimize your deployment.

    Download our reference articles here:

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