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  • The NetScaler Podcast - Episode 1 ft. Abhilash Verma, GM NetScaler

    Brian Huhn 2
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      Summary: Explore and learn about the present and future of application delivery and security, and how to solve the business challenges facing IT teams and end users.
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    Business has come to rely on technology and applications for its very existence. Used correctly, the new tech provides real advantages over competitors, faster responses to market conditions and allows organizations to streamline costs. But, with business applications so pivotal it is vital that consideration is given to how each apps is delivered an secured - or face the consequences.


    In this podcast, we will look at the changes that offer so many advantages to business, but leave them so exposed. In particular we will examine:

    - How application architectures are changing and introducing complexity

    - Application cloud deployment and the pitfalls of inconsistency

    - Evolving threat landscape and how applications are the most vulnerable point in the supply chain

    - Understand how application delivery controllers help businesses to overcome these issues.

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