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  • Deploy your NetScaler ADCs in the cloud and on premises via AWS

    Farhan Ali
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    The hybrid-cloud model is an effective way to align IT priorities with business needs, which are constantly changing. Citrix supports this by providing customers with choice in how they deploy and manage applications, whether they keep workloads on premises or shift business-critical apps to the cloud (or take a hybrid approach).

    Citrix ADC is validated to run on AWS Outposts and is a great option for your GSLB deployments. It works for both standalone and HA deployments, simplifying app delivery in hybrid-cloud environments with AWS. This enables improved availability for your critical apps, including in disaster recovery scenarios, and a better user experience.

    AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that offers the same AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs, and tools to virtually any datacenter, co-location space, or on-premises facility for a truly consistent hybrid experience. It’s ideal for workloads that require low latency access to on-prem systems, local data processing, data residency, and migration of apps with local system interdependencies.

    As organizations speed up digital transformation, many are finding they can move faster by using public cloud services to build on modern architectures and refresh legacy apps. Some workloads, however, must remain on premises due to technology, security, regulatory, or other requirements.

    Now, you can deploy your Citrix ADCs in the cloud and on premises via AWS and extend the AWS experience across your entire environment. Citrix ADC solutions in AWS Outposts and AWS cloud supports your disaster recovery initiatives and enables you to run apps in an on-premises environment and on AWS cloud together.

    With Citrix ADC as a validated partner product in AWS Outposts, Citrix customers get myriad benefits:

    • Operational consistency across hybrid-cloud environments with AWS services, infrastructure, and operations for AWS cloud, on-prem Citrix ADCs, and AWS Outposts.
    • Flexible pooled capacity licensing, which eases migration of apps to the cloud when the time is right for your organization.
    • Better user experience, throughput, and apps availability with GSLB features like geo location, HTTP proxy, and active/passive deployments. GSLB balances the load across datacenters by directing client requests to the closest or best performing datacenter or to online datacenters if there’s an outage.
    • A hybrid multi-cloud experience at your fingertips, with traffic flowing between your on-premises datacenter and the AWS cloud
    • GSLB connects multiple Citrix ADCs, irrespective of their location, so you can deploy your Citrix ADC in multiple on-prem locations and clouds with full connectivity between them (and with site metrics).
    • To take full advantage of the GSLB features, use Citrix ADC for load balancing or content switching at each datacenter so your GSLB configuration can use the proprietary MEP to exchange site metrics.

    The Citrix solution also includes Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM), which enables you to manage your entire Citrix ADC infrastructure across your AWS environment and AWS Outposts, all with the same tools, from a single pane of glass. Citrix ADM also provides real-time insights into the status of your entire hybrid-cloud environment and helps you to resolve issues quicker, with proactive troubleshooting.

    With validation of Citrix ADC VPX in AWS Outposts, Citrix can provide ultimate choice and flexibility for your ADC deployment. Deliver a great user experience and security for your apps no matter how, or where, you deploy them.

    Learn more about AWS Outposts and Citrix ADC’s GSLB feature.

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