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  • 5 key NetScaler capabilities you may not be using

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      Summary: Maximize the value you get from NetScaler with powerful capabilities for application delivery and security
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    5 key NetScaler capabilities you may not be using

    Maximize the value you get from NetScaler with powerful capabilities for application delivery and security


    Imagine a typical day in the IT department: the pressure is always on to ensure consistent operations for your organization's applications and network. In a world where performance and user experience are paramount, having the right tools at your disposal is a must. This is where NetScaler comes in, offering a set of features and capabilities that go beyond the ordinary. From expediting troubleshooting to automatic upgrades to securing applications and APIs, NetScaler elevates your IT infrastructure. 

    “I can’t recommend [NetScaler’s analytics, insights, and security] enough to people that have NetScaler ADCs in their environment” - NetScaler customer in the finance industry


    With NetScaler’s comprehensive monitoring and analytics, you gain valuable insights into network performance, allowing for proactive adjustments and optimizations. Moreover, NetScaler’s security capabilities provide peace of mind in a world where data protection is paramount. 

    5 NetScaler capabilities to leverage

    1. Application dashboard for application usage, health, and performance: The application dashboard provides a holistic view of all your applications that are front-ended by NetScaler. From a single pane of glass, you can see the status of multiple applications at once. You can quickly gauge application usage based on the size of the application icon, get a precise indication of [what] with a comprehensive application score, and quickly spot anomalies with intuitive color coding. With NetScaler you can automatically discover applications from vServers (virtual servers each with their own IP address, certificate and policy set), thus allowing you to define custom applications based on multiple vServers. This flexibility means that you can monitor a single application spread across multiple data centers or clouds or any combination of hosting environments as a single entity. This is important as it allows IT flexibility to deploy where it is most appropriate and migrate components accordingly.

    2. Web insights: The NetScaler platform simplifies session troubleshooting, making it a breeze for even non-technical users. A case in point is the "network roundtrip" metric, commonly used to evaluate network performance. Prior to leveraging advantageous NetScaler features, networking teams often faced blame for extended response times. However, NetScaler's intuitive graphical interface allows you to dissect the entire journey, from the end-user, across the WAN, to the data center, and finally the application servers. By precisely pinpointing the source of issues, such as lagging times between the user and WAN, they can efficiently liaise with their managed service provider to resolve problems, fostering smoother operations. 


    Furthermore, if you use NetScaler to front-end Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD), the HDX insight feature provides end-to-end visibility into HDX traffic [HDX is a suite of proprietary technologies that deliver a high-definition experience to users of virtual desktops and virtual applications] flowing through NetScaler to CVAD. It equips you with a powerful toolkit, including real-time client and network latency metrics, historical reports, comprehensive performance data, and tools for troubleshooting performance issues. With HDX insight, you can even integrate these findings into your incident response processes, saving significant time for resolving problems.

    3. Gateway insight: The gateway usage function offers precise tracking of connected users. It also proves invaluable for monitoring bandwidth allocation and ensuring optimal functionality. With this granular knowledge, you can proactively size your capacity to maintain optimal application performance.


    NetScaler also empowers you with in-depth tracking capabilities, enabling meticulous monitoring of user activity. You can precisely pinpoint when a user accesses Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and even determine the geographic regions of the user's session connections. This information can be critical not only for troubleshooting access failure issues, but also for security concerns, such as impossible travel. 

    4. SSL dashboard: With NetScaler you can define your SSL parameters across your enterprise and have these enforced on each individual NetScaler ADC. This is an invaluable feature and even allows for A+ SSL certification for all your applications with a single click. NetScaler monitors across applications and environments.


    The SSL dashboard provides a holistic view of everything SSL-related in one place. It shows the SSL servers you have running and the protocols that they are using as well as the key strengths utilized. Automated reports enable you to stay vigilant about unused or expiring certificates. Further, the dashboard streamlines your certificate-related tasks, automating installation, updates, deletion, linking, and downloads. With a unified console, you can configure automated policies to ensure compliance with your organization's IT policies.

    5. Automatic upgrades: Keeping your environment secure and using the latest features means upgrading your NetScaler. NetScaler makes this task easy and removes the perennial problems of human error. The automated upgrade process can handle tasks such as manually switching primary and secondary failover ADCs, ensuring their prompt return online, and meticulously verifying the successful completion of all upgrades and more.


    These time-saving measures provide substantial value to both you and your networking team, freeing you up to concentrate on the strategic objectives that drive your business forward.


    Take your business to the next level

    These examples illustrate just a glimpse of the powerful capabilities that NetScaler brings to the table. So, if you're an IT professional or someone managing network infrastructure, it's high time to unlock the full potential of the NetScaler platform. Dive in and explore its treasure trove of features. By doing so, not only can you streamline your tasks and troubleshoot with precision, but you'll also save valuable time and resources. From automatic upgrades that reduce downtime to comprehensive insights that boost productivity, NetScaler is your trusty ally in the world of IT. Start today, and you'll soon wonder how you managed without it. If you’re new to NetScaler, call 1-866-NetScaler to request a demo. If you’re already using NetScaler, reach out to your account manager to see what untapped capabilities you may be missing.



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