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  • NetScaler ADC with Google Anthos: Modern app delivery and security for hybrid multi-cloud

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    NetScaler ADC with Google Anthos: Modern app delivery and security for hybrid multi-cloud

    Submitted May 11, 2022

    Author: Konstantinos Kaltsas


    Agile, flexible DevOps practices are crucial to successful digital transformation initiatives. NetScaler is investing to provide all the tools DevOps, CloudOps, and SecOps teams need to lead digital transformations, cloud migration, and app modernization.

    There’s no single path for cloud migrations, and different requirements around areas like cloud maturity, regulation, and compliance among others will lead to different deployment models. This is where Google Anthos shines with its unified management for infrastructure and apps. Incorporating emerging cloud-native processes like GitOps and continuous configuration, which Anthos supports out of the box, gives IT teams new ways to manage infrastructure.

    In this series of blog posts, we’ll look at how you can use NetScaler ADC with Google Anthos to provide consistent and reliable app delivery and security for hybrid and multi-cloud workloads by applying enterprise cloud-native principles.

    NetScaler ADCs can be combined in powerful and flexible topologies that complement organizational boundaries. Dual-tier deployments employ high-capacity hardware or virtualized NetScaler ADCs in the first tier to segment control between network operators and Kubernetes operators, while the second tier is within the Kubernetes cluster (using container-based NetScaler ADCs).

    With its Tier-1 and Tier-2 capabilities, NetScaler ADC can make digital transformation easier from on-premises to cloud, consistently and securely. By utilizing a single code base for all form factors, NetScaler ADC gives you greater agility, simplicity and speed, regardless of the type of app (monolithic or microservices) and infrastructure. With key NetScaler ADC features like autoscaling, global server load-balancing (GSLB), multi-cluster ingress, and web app firewall (WAF), managing hybrid and multi-cloud app delivery and security is easier.

    Google Anthos unifies management of infrastructure and apps across on-premises, at the edge, and in multiple public clouds with a Google Cloud-backed control plane for consistent operation at scale. Key features like an enterprise-grade container orchestration and management service; policy and configuration management; and service mesh help you to accelerate the adoption of Day 2 operations and up-level your DevOps pipeline.

    In our series, we’ll dive into different concepts and provide fully functional labs for the reader to test. All labs source code will be publicly available in our on NetScaler Cloud Native Networking hands-on guides. The topics we’ll cover will include:

    Additional Information

    To learn more about why you need an ADC, along with a management and orchestration platform, check out six must-haves for app delivery in hybrid- and multi-cloud environments. Interested in learning about the role app delivery plays in the cloud-native journey? See our seven key considerations for microservices-based app delivery. Find out how NetScaler ADC can bridge the gap between traditional and DevOps app delivery in The ADC Guide to Managing Hybrid (IT and DevOps) Application Delivery. And visit our Microservices App Delivery Best Practices library to learn how NetScaler can help you on your app modernization journey.

    What’s Next?

    In our next post, we’ll cover how NetScaler ADC’s autoscaling capabilities can work seamlessly with GKE to provide consistent and reliable app delivery for Kubernetes apps.

    Are you looking to get started with your transformation or take the next step in your app modernization? We’re offering free consultations! Reach out at appmodernization@citrix.com to schedule your session or request a call and a specialist will help you connect with Citrix. Want to join our cloud-native Slack channel? Sign up today to get your invitation.

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