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  • Using NetScaler ADM to speed up NetScaler ADC pooled capacity configuration

    Guest Sara Austin
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    Using NetScaler ADM to speed up NetScaler ADC pooled capacity configuration

    Submitted January 14, 2021

    Author: Antoin Carroll


    If automation is important to your infrastructure — in particular, speeding up your NetScaler ADC deployments — NetScaler Application Delivery Management (ADM) can play an important role in eliminating repetitive provisioning tasks. I work with customers who are implementing pooled capacity licensing within their NetScaler ADC hybrid infrastructure, which is made up of physical and virtual appliances. Recently provisioned NetScaler ADCs require individual instance actions to configure the appliance’s licensing to “remote licensing,” while also setting the throughput allocations. This can be a laborious task if you’re faced with multiple NetScaler ADC appliances to configure before you can provision with broader configuration aspects

    Configurations jobs can be created in NetScaler ADM to automate the configuration of selected individuals (or groups of) NetScaler ADC instances

    In this blog post, I’ll cover an example of how I have used NetScaler ADM configuration jobs to achieve this for a pooled capacity environment. I used configuration jobs to push out license server configuration and throughput allocation. I also included virtual server configuration as an example of generic configuration I wanted to be pushed out to instances; you may wish to create separate “jobs” for separate configs.

    Lets see how it works!

    Within my newly provisioned Azure-based NetScaler ADC, I need to manually apply the remote licensing via GUI or CLI.


    Doing this individually, for multiple instances, takes time and can be prone to error. This is where we can leverage NetScaler ADM configuration jobs.

    Within NetScaler ADM, access the “Configuration Jobs” function and “Create Job.”


    Create a new job and add your configuration. A sample configuration is shown below. Click the image to view larger.


    The pooled capacity configuration I used was the following below. (Note, as I use ADM service, I added the relevant ADM Agent IP as the IP address)

    #ADM AGENT LICENSE SERVER & BANDWIDTH ALLOCATIONadd ns licenseserver <ADM_Agent_IP> -port 27000set capacity -bandwidth 1 unit Gbps -edition enterprisereboot -w -f

    Please note, all NetScaler ADCs require a reboot command with license changes.

    Then select the targeted instances. In my example, I have one instance available in NetScaler ADM.


    Complete the steps shown above, and you’re done. It’s as simple as that!

    Learn more about NetScaler ADC and how configuration jobs can help you.

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