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  • Improve your security posture with Security Advisory in NetScaler ADM service

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    Improve your security posture with Security Advisory in NetScaler ADM service

    Submitted April 12, 2021

    Author: Sanyukta Nadkarni


    As part of our continued commitment to keeping NetScaler products and customers secure, we have continually moved to help keep application delivery infrastructures safe and ahead of potential vulnerabilities. As part of this commitment, we’re always releasing new builds for NetScaler Application Delivery Controller (ADC) to help protect against known vulnerabilities and keep a consistent security posture, regardless of what your unique deployment situation looks like.

    We issue security bulletins for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, or CVEs, to help our customers identify the potential impact on their own NetScaler ADC and Gateway infrastructures and plan accordingly. While useful, the identification and remediation process remained a largely manual chore — until now.

    With the new Security Advisory on NetScaler ADM service, customers can easily identify NetScaler ADC instances with known vulnerabilities in their infrastructure, learn more about the issues at hand, and quickly take action to remediate concerns. Identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in your application delivery infrastructure is easier than ever.

    NetScaler ADM service’s Security Advisory runs a scan on all managed ADC instances to identify the impact of CVEs on your ADC infrastructure. It tells you the vulnerable ADCs for specific CVEs and the CVEs impacting specific ADCs. It also advises you on how to remediate or mitigate the vulnerability while helping you to proceed with any necessary software version upgrade to remediate the vulnerability.

    The Current CVE tab shows the impact of each CVE on ADC instances. (Click image to view larger.)
    The Current CVE tab shows the impact on each ADC instance by the CVEs. (Click image to view larger.)
    You can ‘proceed to upgrade workflow’ to execute the remediation. (Click image to view larger.)

    Security Advisory also shows previous scan reports under “Scan Logs” and has a “CVE Repository,” shown below, to act as a one-stop solution for you to get all the related details on each CVE.

    Click image to view larger.

    If you are an existing NetScaler ADM service customer, you can find more details on the feature here.

    If you are a NetScaler ADC customer who is not yet onboarded to NetScaler ADM service, we are happy to announce that you can get emails with insights on these advisories with our new ADM Service Connect initiative. It will also enable you to onboard to NetScaler ADM service using a low-touch, automated route.

    You’ll need to have your NetScaler ADC instances internet-reachable, with Call Home and/or ADM Service Connect enabled. You’ll also need a NetScaler Cloud account. Learn more here.

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