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  • Identify outdated NetScaler ADC firmware with NetScaler ADM service’s Upgrade Advisory

    Sanyukta Nadkarni
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    Identify outdated NetScaler ADC firmware with NetScaler ADM service’s Upgrade Advisory

    Submitted May 6, 2021

    Author: Sanyukta Nadkarni


    As an admin for your enterprise fleet of NetScaler ADCs, you may often have different software releases and builds on different instances all at once. Because each software release has a defined lifecycle, admins need to keep tabs on NetScaler ADC releases that are approaching end of maintenance (EOM) or end of life (EOL) and plan upgrades accordingly.

    NetScaler publishes EOM and EOL dates for all releases on the NetScaler Product Lifecycle Matrix. Until now, admins looking to keep their NetScaler ADC fleets up to date needed to reference this matrix, manually double-check which of their own instances were approaching EOM or EOL, and execute an upgrade.

    Not anymore!

    With the launch of Upgrade Advisory on NetScaler Application Delivery Management (ADM) service, identifying NetScaler ADC instances running on outdated software releases is easier than ever.

    How does Upgrade Advisory on NetScaler ADM help streamline the NetScaler ADC upgrade process? As an admin, you’ll be able to use the advisory tool to quickly:

    • Identify NetScaler ADC instances that are EOM or EOL or approaching these dates. You’ll also be notified of instances that are not on the latest builds or running builds that are not preferred by your enterprise.
    • Understand useful upgrade information such as the most downloaded build in each release and release notes for each build, which can help you determine whether specific bug fixes or feature enhancements are included in that build.
    • Take action with the NetScaler ADM upgrade workflow, which helps you customize, schedule, and automate upgrades for multiple instances in your NetScaler ADC fleet.
    Upgrade Advisory helps identify which ADC instances are on releases that have crossed EOM/EOL or are nearing EOM/EOL.
    You can choose to select the affected ADC instances and continue to upgrade the workflow.

    Are you an existing NetScaler ADM service customer? Learn more about the Upgrade Advisory feature.

    If you’re a NetScaler ADC customer but aren’t yet onboarded to NetScaler ADM service, you can get emails with insights on such advisories with our new ADM Service Connect-based low-touch onboarding initiative. This will also enable you to onboard to NetScaler ADM service using a low-touch, automated route. All you need is a Cloud account and to have your ADC instances internet reachable, with Call Home and/or ADM Service Connect enabled. Get more information about this option here.

    Learn more about NetScaler ADC and NetScaler ADM service.

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